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Empowering Young Families, Inc. is a devoted non-profit to young families in Southeastern Indiana. Entirely ran by volunteers from the board members, program director, mentors, coordinators and childcare on Monday evenings, these dedicated people are giving young moms and dads HOPE, PURPOSE and FUTURE.
We currently offer Teen Mother Choices, a program that assists teen mothers (ages 13-23) to complete high school, HSE, college and/or work full time. Teen Mother Choices EQUIPS, EMPOWERS AND IMPACTS the mother and her child(ren). It equips the teen mother with monetary assistance with childcare costs, weekly meetings that include LifeSkills Workshops, a personal mentor and diapers/wipes. It empowers the teen mom to have the availability to set short and long term goals for herself and her child(ren). Teen Mother Choices impacts the whole family as the teen mother completes her education, moves on to a full-time permanent job and becomes an independent, functioning member of the area.
Empowering Young Families, Inc. is currently looking into various programs that we can offer young dads. Young fathers are vital components in a child's life and we would like to support these young men as fathers.

Mission Statement
To demonstrate the love and mercy of Jesus Christ to teenage mothers, fathers and their children while equipping and empowering them to become independent, functioning members of our community.


Teen Mother Choices

Teen Mother Choices - Empowering Young Families, Inc. * Are you 13-23? * Would you like to complete high school, your HSE or go on to college or maybe even work full-time but can't because you can't afford childcare? Contact Lyn either by email lyn@teenmotherchoices.org or call/text 513-476-2863

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Taste of Italy

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Taste of Italy Banquet

Empowering Young Families, Inc. is excited to host the Taste of Italy Banquet. Taste of Italy begins as soon as you walk-in with our Dessert Auction. The sweet, tantalizing smells of luscious desserts will begin your Taste of Italy experience. Take time to start the bidding upon your arrival!! Dinner is served family style at your table.

  • Date: 4/30/2020 06:00 PM
  • Location: Brookville, IN, USA (Map)
  • More Info: St. Peter Community Building 1207 East Rd. Brookville IN 47012

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